DELE Exams

Assistance in preparing for the DELE exam.

The DELE exams (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are the worldwide accepted standards of Spanish competency, and are used for many government jobs, citizenship applications, and other official and semi-official uses. A DELE certificate can help certify your Spanish skills for your resume. The exam is offered three times a year through the Cervantes Institute at testing sites in major cities throughout the world.

The test offers multiple levels, described on the Cervantes website: The A2 level is the standard minimum for Spanish fluency.

Students and teachers agree that the test should NOT be taken without specifically studying for it, no matter what your level of fluency is. Not only will you need to be fluent in Spanish, you must be fluent in Castilian Spanish, and understand the use and conjugations of vosotros, vuestro, os, etc.

My background has included experience and training in teaching for the DELE exam, including the noted forms. I use the guide “Destino DELE A2” which I believe is one of the best books available. I also use the study materials that are provided by the Cervantes Institute.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions concerning preparation for the DELE A2 exam, and assist you in passing the exam.