Classes via Skype

skypelogo1I offer classes by Skype

Due to COVID-19, I have been exclusively teaching by Skype. Not only can you maintain your language skills virtually, you can also continue to build your Spanish skills!

CAM01069Spanish classes via Skype are very useful and entertaining. They allow you to be in the comfort of your home, your garden, or your office. Classes are offered Monday thru Saturday on the schedule that best suits you.

Of course, there’s homework if you want. It can be in grammar, translation, a topical subject, or even medical vocabulary. If you like literature, before your class, I will send you a short story or a poem. Finally, the homework will be according to your available time and your goals.

If for some reason you need to cancel your class, you don’t have to pay for that lesson. My motto is: “class given, class paid for.” If there is no class, there is no fee.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy studying via Skype, I offer an introductory free first class. During this class, we can get acquainted and discuss your needs and goals. I’ll also be using this lesson to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and determine how to best help you meet your language goals.

Payments for classes are done by Paypal, and are typically paid either before or immediately after a class.

No matter where you are (your home, your office, the beach, etc.), thanks to Skype, you can continue your Spanish studies.

I have worked with students from: Sydney, NSW, Australia; Kingston, ONT, Canada; Portland, OR, Boston, MA, and many other cities around the USA.